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Do fleas go into human hair?

because my mum was looking through my sisters hair and she found a flea,

can fleas live in human hair?

Do fleas go into human hair?

no they don't live in human hair but you can get them in your hair if you have been outside or around animals.

Do fleas go into human hair?

no because they feed on blood. they dont like human blood so no they dont live in human hair

Do fleas go into human hair?

It could be lice.

But, fleas may tend to jump in. But they can not stay in there for our hair is to fine and too thin.

If you find more, get lice shampoo.

Do fleas go into human hair?

No but they will jump on you and bite you.

Best to treat your pets with advantage or frontline. You will never have a flea problem again.

Do fleas go into human hair?

They can jump in and around your hair but they can't live there. It's possible that your mum found one that was just hitching a ride ;)

Do fleas go into human hair?

I am not a vet. but I have raised animals all my life and animal fleas will get on you but they will not live on you

Do fleas go into human hair?

Yes... my cats like to sleep around my head and I get fleas... but I keep myself protected with front line and a flea color, so it's just temporary... but the front line leaves a metallic taste in my mouth.

Do fleas go into human hair?

They might not stay for long, but they will definitely bite humans when given the opportunity. That's how the Bubonic Plague was spread.

Treat your pets for fleas, and maybe the carpet and upholstery as well, if you're seeing a lot of them in your house.

Do fleas go into human hair?

ya they can but only for a short living time like 1-2 days maby when my dog had fleas i had one in my hair but i could fell it moving around so it was only in there for a short peirod of time!!

Do fleas go into human hair?

If you found one.. THERE YA GO

Do fleas go into human hair?

yes , when my children were little they went to spend the night at a friends house, who had several dogs and they got fleas -YUCK in their hair.

Do fleas go into human hair?

the answer is YES here is why


Fleas are blood-sucking insects that feed on humans, dog, cats, and other animals. Fleas do not have wings.

Alternative Names

Dog fleas; Siphonaptera


Fleas prefer to live on dogs and cats, but may also be found on humans and other available animals. Pet owners may not be bothered by fleas until their pet is gone for a lengthy period of time, and the fleas must find another place to go. This is when they begin to bite humans. Bites frequently occur around the waist , ankles, armpits, and in the bend of the elbows and knees.


Rash with small bumps that itch and may bleed

Located on the armpit or fold of a joint (at the elbow, knee , or ankle)

The amount of skin affected increases over time (enlarging skin rash or lesion) or the rash spreads to other areas

When pressed the area turns white (blanches to touch)

Itching can be severe

Itching can be generalized or restricted to a skin rash


Swelling only around a lesion (sore) or injury

Skin folds such as under the breasts or in the groin may be affected ( intertrigo )

Note: Symptoms often begin suddenly (within hours).

Exams and Tests

No testing is necessary.


The goal of treatment is to get rid of the fleas by treating the home, pets, and outside areas with insecticide. Small children should not be in the home when insecticides are being used. Birds and fish must be protected during spraying. Home foggers and flea collars do not always work. If home treatments do not work, professional extermination may be needed.

If flea bites occur, an over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream can help relieve itching .

Outlook (Prognosis)

Getting rid of fleas can be difficult and takes persistence.

Possible Complications

Scratching can lead to a secondary skin infection.


Prevention may not be possible in all cases. Use of insecticides may be helpful if fleas are common in your area. Professional extermination may be necessary in some cases.

Do fleas go into human hair?

I got fleas from a horse at the stable where I boarded my horse. Unfortunately I didn't realize what was causing the itching until I was at a slumber party %26amp; picked several fleas out of my hair!! I was too embarrassed to say anything, I just went home %26amp; washed my hair about a million times. It taught me not to go hugging horses you don't know--this one had been neglected. We both survived but it was an adventure!!!!

Do fleas go into human hair?

the answer to your question is a definite NO. cat's fleas can not live on anything but a cat. much the same as if they were on a dog, (due to the fact their the same type of flea). As soon as they leave the cat they die. And i seriously doubt that it was a flea you found in your sister's hair as Fleas cannot be seen with the naked eye.

I can assure you that this is the correct and only truthful answer to your question as i have a degree in Animal Behaviour and Psychology and also a degree in Veterinary Science.

Do fleas go into human hair?

Either it was a headlouse or it was a cat/dog flea that was lost! Animal fleas do not live on humans. However they may jump onto us from time to time. There is a type of human flea but they are quite rare, and its unlikely your sister has these!

Do fleas go into human hair?

no they cannot survive in humans hair

also they cannot live after they have bitten you


P.S, thanx 4 them 2 points!

Do fleas go into human hair?

A couple of misunderstandings above. I live in the country, and my cats have sometimes picked them up. Dad used to too, when he worked on the farm. Fleas can be seen by the human eye. I have at times had that misfortune. They are small, a brown colour, jump (do not run/crawl), and are very fast moving. They do not die after biting. The blood sucked nourishes them to live to bite again another day.

They like being in human clothes, and if you undress near your bed, they get in the bedding. Fleas wouldn't live long-term in human hair, but are pests if they get in the house, infest carpets and crannies. Rurally you can pick them up in haysheds, or on grass.

Luckily, these days there are effective products you can buy to get rid of them.

Do fleas go into human hair?

no they don't live in human hair but there lots of breeds of fleas there are dog fleas and carpet flea wood fleas and lots of other fleas fleas will go into your hair but wont live in human hair

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